Safer ways to get a date from online sites

Dating has connected thousands of Spanish singles from all over the world. As one of the first specialized dating websites, website dating has become one of the largest and most trusted now a days. There are also many websites can offer you a membership of over 2.5 million with the promise to let you connect with single men and women from all over the world.

Start your own success story on dating site

Just like you, many people are seriously looking for a partner. Unfortunately, there is also a small group of people who try to abuse the situation and are out of financial gain. A well established and experienced dating site does everything they can to keep this group away from their site. However, it cannot hurt to be alert you. That is why there are few tips on this page to prevent the chance of a disappointment.

What does online dating site do for your safety?

  • All free texts and photos are checked daily by our Customer Service
  • You can report a suspicious profile anonymously via the ‘Report profile’ button
  • Suspicious profiles are immediately removed after investigation
  • We only offer secure payment methods that closely monitor all payment transactions
  • You remain anonymous through the neutral online dating site code and the internal mail system

7 tips for safe online dating

  1. Let all communication go through the secure site of online dating site. If a member wants direct contact directly, be on your guard.
  2. Is it too good to be true? Then that is probably also …
  3. If someone wants to know everything about you but does not reveal information about themselves, that is a reason to be extra careful.
  4. Never give your personal details immediately to someone and do not mention them on your profile.
  5. Always use your mind and remember that you are in control. You know what is best for you.
  6. Contact us immediately if you have the impression that someone is abusing online dating site.
  7. And, very important: never send money to people you have not met personally, no matter how heartbreaking the story sounds.
  8. How do you recognize a scammer or fraud?
  9. Correspondence is in most cases written in poor English or Dutch.
  10. The message is often very general and no personal matters are mentioned from your profile.
  11. Very soon it is proposed to continue the contact outside of online dating site. The scammer often gives a Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail address.
  12. “Pathetic” stories are told about a deceased family member and a legacy they cannot claim.
  13. For example, in order to claim a bill of millions, you will be asked to transfer money first, preferably via Western Union.

If you follow these useful tips you would be able to get date easily without any fraud or scam involved in it. With all these advantages online dating site would be ideal to get dates for singles.